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The ride and hike to Osprey Falls. . .

Posted by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN on June 28, 2008

Back on my b-day (3 weeks ago) we attempted a combination bike ride/hike to Osprey Falls, which is near  Mammoth Hot Springs. It was raining, the trail was muddy, and it was in the 40’s. What were we thinking?  Needless to say, we made it about 400 yards before turning back.

Well, this past Thursday, the sun was shining and we decided to give it another try. It was a 3 1/2 mile bike ride to the trailhead and then a 1 1/2 mile hike down a canyon to the Gardner River and Osprey Falls. The girls got bounced around pretty good in the bike trailer, but they had a ball. The hike down was the worst part (for me anyway). The trail was covered with loose rocks. I slipped and fell once, luckily Keira didn’t seem to notice the sudden drop!

The waterfall was great and well worth the hike. We started to feel the mist before actually seeing the falls. Then, in order to get a good view of the entire waterfall you had to hike into the blowing water/mist. Katelyn and Keira weren’t too keen on the cold water, so Eric and I took turns staying with the girls while the other hiked on to see the falls (and get drenched in cold water).  I wasn’t able to get a picture of the falls.

Eric had the raw end of the deal hiking back up, since he was carry a good 45 pounds of gear/Katelyn! Keira decided the hike up was a great time for a nap, as you can see in the picture:)

Eric and Kate getting bikes ready.

Girls loaded in bike trailer.

Lisa and Keira hiking down.  Eric and Kate hiking down.  

Eric soaked by falls!  )

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Enjoy your weekend! ~Lisa


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