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Heart Health – Do you know the difference between and “organic” and “natural” food?

Posted by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN on March 24, 2009

The hottest label claims right now are “organic” and “natural”. Do you know the difference?


Organic foods were produced under environmentally friendly conditions with no antibiotics, growth hormones, fertilizers with synthetic ingredients or sewage sledge, pesticides, bioengineering, or ionized radiation.

The label claim “100% Organic” is the highest standard a food can receive and is allowed on single ingredient foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and eggs that exclude water and salt).

The label claim “Made with Organic Ingredients” can be used on multiple ingredient foods if the food contains between 70% and 94.9% organic ingredients.


A food using the “natural” label claim cannot contain any artificial ingredients, added coloring, and must be minimally processed.

“Organic” and “natural” are not interchangeable!

All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD
Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight


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