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I Say Yes!

Posted by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN on December 12, 2008

I recently stumbled across a great campaign titled “I Say Yes!” I like the concept and want to share it with you. Here a quick summary and link to where you can learn more if you want to participate.

It is time for people to start saying YES to life. The “I say YES” campaign is on a mission to inspire people to think, act, and feel differently in their daily lives. If you have ever wanted to leap out of bed in the morning, than you need to join us today and participate in this movement. Let’s move away from hurt, struggling and negativity and move into empowerment, courage and gratitude.

The “I say YES to the Universe” campaign is for many types of people. It is for anyone who has ever questioned why they were here, what they were really supposed to do with their life, and who have often wondered if working a 9-5 job is all that there is to life.

Saying YES to life will open your heart up to receive inspiration on the things you should be doing, will encourage you to start serving others and giving back to the world.

“I am on a mission to change the way we think, act, and feel in our daily lives. Many people are so unhappy with their life and they do not know what to do about it. I am here to get people to start saying YES to life, to get them inspired and empowered, and have them start living a life that is juicy, delicious and rich in all ways” says Andrea Costantine.

The official campaign will end on December 31st, but the mission will continue. This is just the beginning of a shift that people are craving and starving for. If you are wondering if there is more to life, there is. People can participate in the campaign by visiting www.i-say-yes.com and purchasing a reminder button and receiving over $1000 in free bonuses to help them start saying YES immediately.

Together we can make a difference. Learn more by visiting www.i-say-yes.com.

All the best,
Lisa Nelson, RD


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