Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight!

Lose Weight by Slowing Down

Posted by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN on November 4, 2008

Eating slowly will help you feel fuller and decrease the calories you eat each meal, all of which leads to shedding the unwanted pounds! It takes ~20 minutes for your head to tell your stomach it’s full, so aim for at least 20 minutes to eat each meal.

Those who eat quickly until they are full are three times more likely to be overweight (research published in the British Medical Journal).

If you’re use to eating at a frenzied pace, slowing down won’t feel natural. Small steps, such as setting down your utensil between bites, will help you slow down. You may find you now have a chance to actually taste and enjoy your meals!

All the best,
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
Lose Weight the Healthy Way


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