Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight!

National Nutrition Month – Free Gift

Posted by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN on March 17, 2008

March is National Nutrition Month – Are you thinking about what you are eating?

I wanted to add a quick note to my blog about a free gift I am offering this month for new clients that sign up for the Balance Program.  The Balance Program provides clients with 9 weeks of nutrition coaching.  Weekly topics include:

  • Lose weight without diets or counting calories
  • What foods to eat to lose weight, reduce aging, and boost your energy
  • Simple ways to balance your meals for weight loss
  • Strategies to improve your metabolic rate
  • How much and what kind of exercise you need
  • How to tackle emotional eating
  • Healthy convenience foods
  • Scanning food labels for the healthiest products
  • And more!

When you sign up during the month of March you will receive The Journey from Comfort to Possibilities by Stefanie Zizzo.  This gift is valued at $29.95.  So, if you are looking for help with balancing your food choices, check out the Balance Program further at http://eNutritionServices.com/weightloss.html


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